aed safety trainingUnderstanding basic senior first aid and CPR practices is important. Whether you are a certified home aid, licensed nurse, or are assumed the basic caregiver of a senior, training to assist and care for another person should be a top priority.

Similar to pediatric CPR, treatment for the elderly requires a certain level of care and attention to detail. Seniors bodies are generally weaker, and basic first aid and CPR practices may vary depending on previous health conditions.

Our group CPR classes are ideal for caregivers looking to receive hands on practice and the confidence to react fast in emergency situations.

Why work with us:

  • Instructors come to your workplace at a time that’s convenient for you — even nights and weekends.
  • Group trainings are an excellent way to keep professional healthcare caregivers up-to-date training.
  • Trainings meet the necessary state requirements.
  • All participants will receive a certification card that specifies CPR and first aid.

Book CPR Training For Seniors

We promote active participation to ensure you and the rest of your team feel confident in a safety emergency. We understand that life can get hectic, which is why we make sure to keep our schedules open, with flexible training sessions, including nights and weekends.

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