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Our preschool has used Cardiac Care & Safety two years in a row for CPR & First Aid training. We couldn't be happier with them. From the ease of scheduling, to the professionalism of the trainer, to the fast distribution of our CPR cards, it was a great experience. Highly recommended!

-Karen Frascella (02:28 09/12/23)

Our instructor Bryce was fabulous, there was no question he couldn't answer from our group. We will continue to request him for our yearly CPR certifications! Great big thanks to Bryce and his team at Cardiac Care & Safety!!!

-sarah kessler (20:32 08/10/23)

Melody is amazing! She trained us today and everyone loved it! She uses humor, and real stories, and we learned great skills, and most importantly, she persuades us that we CAN do this! Lives will be saved, I'm sure, because of this class! Thanks Melody!

-Sharon Comly (17:25 07/27/23)

We hired Cardiac Care & Safety for the kids' gym I worked on. So easy to coordinate, very flexible availability and great instructor! Highly recommend it!!

-Eugenia Rincón (16:52 07/17/23)

Our church offered CPR/AED . We contacted Cardiac Care, scheduling was easy and having flexibility on the number of students was great. Beverly our instructor did an excellent job was very engaging and answered all our questions. We will be using them again!

-Phil (11:17 06/13/23)

I coordinated a CPR class for my office with Cardiac Care. Jim was very responsive and informative. Joyce was a great trainer! She was very personable and knowledgeable. Everyone in our office thought the training was excellent!

-anne capaldi (23:47 05/04/23)

My company recently had them do our First Aid and CPR Training. The ladies who conducted it made is so very interesting and informative. And, allowed us to ask as many questions as we wanted. Thank you so much for your patience and knowledge. We really appreciated your team❤️

-Allana Robinson (21:59 04/27/23)

My trainer is professional and detailed with instructions. She also I updated me on where to go (a nearby church) if my facility does not have AED equipment.

-Pearl Gaither (01:45 04/25/23)

Recently during a CPR /AED / First Aid training, we experienced some "Technical" issues. The Instructor, Nanay, quickly adapted to the situation, completing the training in a professional and impressive manner. A tribute to the care and professionalism of all the Cardiac Care staff.

-eileen behr (12:47 04/18/23)

I coordinated a CPR class for a group of nurses at my facility. The whole thing was great!! Our instructor Bryce was so knowledgeable and he was so funny. He made the class quick and interesting. We are all seasoned nurses and 1 nurse practitioner and we had a blast! This was hands down the best CPR class I've ever gone to! I hope to use Cardiac Care & Safety when i have a large group needing CPR again. Thanks again!

-Emily Wolcott (21:45 04/08/23)

Great training for our personnel. Informative, easy to follow and very practical. Bryce is a fantastic trainer!

-Anne Hindman (19:02 04/01/23)

Cardic Care & Safety, sent Bryce as our instructor for HSI Basic Life Support & was so informative & professional.

-Pam Miller (14:09 03/20/23)

The instructor, Bryce Simon was excellent. He was knowledgeable and able to work with our large group. He had a great sense of humor and made the training enjoyable. Thank you for all you did to help us get our certification!

-Theresa Healy (18:43 03/06/23)

After many years using another vendor for our mandatory staff First Aid and CPR training, we are thrilled with the training offered by Cardiac Care! Bryce is terrific; presenting in a very thorough, but concise fashion, and with great personality.

-Jeni Albany (19:31 03/01/23)

My Company recently used them for a CPR/AED training class. We received the best training session we have in 10 years. Melody was our trainer and I received numerous compliments. She keep peoples attention and kept the class lively. Everyone left feeling confident in their new skills that they will hopefully never use but ready if needed!! We will definitely be inviting them back in 2 years for certification again!!! Thank you for a job well done!

-Tara Rickards (12:54 02/27/23)

Bryce estuvo excelente pudimos entender fácilmente la práctica del CPR. Gracias por el tiempo y la explicación, uso palabras claras y entendibles.

-celenia quiros (17:43 02/23/23)

Good Morning Jim,I wanted to reach out and express our appreciation for your prompt scheduling & excellent training we received this past Tuesday. Bryce is an absolutely phenomenal Instructor. His positive attitude, energy & knowledge of the subject training were outstanding! I will highly recommend your company in the future.

-Matthew Bailey (15:00 12/29/22)

Jim Spaulding is an outstanding instructor in CPR and basic life support. We’ve used him for twenty-five years and I recommend him highly. - Joe Gian-Grasso DMD

-Brennan Giangrasso (20:45 12/18/22)

Brice is an EXCELLENT CPR educator! He teaches in a way that people can easily understand and learn. Our office folks were very happy with the class!

-BlummyBlum13 (21:15 12/13/22)

Bryce came to our office to provide First Aid training. I found him to be engaging, knowledgeable, and very well prepared. He was also very pleasant and encouraged us to ask many questions. Thank you, Bryce.

-Maria Coulombe (21:07 12/13/22)

I work for a program out of a large university, and Cardiac Care & Safety provided my student participants with a CPR workshop. Jim was extremely timely and reliable with his correspondence, and the training went very well. Our trainer, Bryce, was awesome, and the kids were engaged and excited. I even had some students who were hesitant at first staying behind to continue practicing. I cannot recommend them enough!

-Aubrey Woodward (19:35 12/08/22)

Cardiac Care was absolutely wonderful. They were very accommodating to our needs and helped us out during a time crunch. The online training portion was very informative and helpful, and our in-person trainer, Melody, was extremely knowledgable!

-Claudia Fogel (16:15 11/30/22)

Melody made training so much more than simply learning or reviewing information. Our team enjoyed the engaging and informative stories to go along with learning the skills we require. Thank you Cardic Care and Melody!

-COE Smiles (01:43 10/29/22)

Our training with Bryce from Cardiac Care was amazing. He made it informative and fun. Bryce answered all questions raised and also gave great examples for situations that could happen in the work place and in real life. I would definitely recommend using Cardiac Care again. See you next year for another training program.

-Ann Standard (19:42 10/21/22)

We recently used Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. for safety courses and my team found the initial on-line process to be professionally delivered. The on-site certification process was professionally conducted as well, providing detailed information respectful of our time constraints.

-Andrea Gambino (14:48 10/04/22)

Co-hosted an amazing CPR and First Aid Certification workshop with Cardiac Care's trainer, Nancy! She was absolutely wonderful and facilitated great discussion with our attendees. Thank you guys so much for everything!

-Aalayah Taylor (13:45 09/30/22)

A helpful and informative session was held for our employees with a dash of fun mixed in so they never got bored. Our staff is now better equipped and educated if they happen upon an emergency situation at work or out in the world. Melody was a great instructor and we are all better off for the experience.

-Brian Miles (13:28 09/14/22)

Our company used Cardiac Care & Safety for our CPR/AED and first aid certification for our employees. The training was just the right length to keep folks attention and very effective with the content, delivery, and engagement. I'm a Safety Manager and have used several companies for this type of training and certification over the years and the quality of the training by Cardiac Care was just as good or better than others we've used for a much more reasonable price . Definitely recommended.

-Andrew Rochat (17:50 09/08/22)

Great service! Great experience. We used CardiacCare for a training. Bryce was incredible. We loved it, and plan to do it regularly. We look forward to next year with Bryce. Thank you! So nice to know there are such professional, well run companies.

-Josh B (15:26 08/23/22)

We have been using Cardiac Care & Safety for our CPR Recertification for many, many years. They are an exceptional company with magnificent instructors!! I highly recommend Cardiac Care.

-Michele Mazza (16:56 08/10/22)

The Instructor was AWESOME! Very professional and all my staff walked away feeling they received alot of information. I will be recommending

-Michelle Coleman (15:25 07/26/22)

We recently had this company host our CPR training through work. It was an excellent and well oiled experience! The team is extremely responsive and easy to work with. We will be hosting annually now!

-DIY With Crafty Cora Leena (15:52 05/26/22)

Jim Spaulding and his staff made it so easy to register and schedule a training. They were able to schedule us right away which helped us to be incompliance with DHS. They were very helpful getting everyone into the system. The ladies that took the training said it was great! We will be using them again when it's time for the rest of the staff to renew their certification.

-Amy McGahen (23:12 05/21/22)

Course set up was quick and easy. Training was good. And, the Cardiac Care & Safety team was professional, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend them!

-Susan Greenaway (13:22 05/20/22)

My daycare needed to take a pediatric FA/CPR class which was pretty impossible to find in our area. Jim Spaulding reached out and set this class up for us…it was stress free for us! These instructors are wonderful, the blended learning was great! Jim Spaulding took our in person instruction time and he was fantastic! My only request would be to make the online portion phone friendly. Thank you! I will definitely be using this program each year to renew our certification.

-Michelle Cathcart (01:18 05/19/22)

It turned out to be a great learning experience completing this course. At first I did feel a little overwhelmed when reveiwing the material I needed to read but I decided to watch the video/audio presentation first! From there everything made more sense. The inperson session was even better allowing us an opportunity to ask questions.

-PAULINE ELLIS (17:12 04/07/22)

I would recommend Cardiac Care and Safety to any organization that requires top notch safety training. Jim and his staff are also accessible, well organized and very accommodating. He definitely will be handling our training in the future

-Sherman Roberts (21:07 04/06/22)

What a great experience for my students! The presenter was informative but fun. They had a great time learning CPR!

-Jenn Jones (21:52 03/24/22)

We used Cardiac Care to train our 40 man crew CPR/AED/First Aid and they were amazing from first email to end of class. The office team was very quick to respond. Our instructor, Bryce, was a great teacher and managed to have every one of our team members engaged throughout the whole process. We highly recommend Cardiac Care & Safety to all.

-Caleb Bruchez (10:50 03/15/22)

Jim Spaulding and his crew are amazing. He was able to accommodate our multiple locations, multiple days and many employees to get us certified. The instructors keep it fun, lively and entertaining. Have been working with Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc for many years and will always return to them.

-Winona W (20:04 02/28/22)

We are so glad that we were able to get the management team together for a CPR/AED refresher course. Having Jim out to remind us of the the proper protocols going into our busy season is key. You learn something new everytime you have a seminar with Jim and the reminders are key as well.

-Jackie Coll (15:48 02/23/22)

We have used Cardiac Care & Safety with Jim for over 20 years. Jim's refresher course is always informative and up to date. Another great course by Jim. See you in 2 years.

-Josie McCabe (14:17 02/23/22)

Jim has trained our staff many times over the past 15 years. He does a fantastic job relating all material to our industry.

-Trish Agnew (13:59 02/23/22)

The instructor came out to certify our township employees and she was excellent at making the information relatable and applicable. The instructor was engaging and the employees learned a lot, highly recommend!

-Megan Prusienski (20:37 02/15/22)

Excellent and skilled trainers who thoroughly breakdown all CPR components and life saving proceedures. Very friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable team!

-Brittany Calhoun (18:21 01/31/22)

I just wanted to say Thank you for the training Saturday. It was exactly what we were looking for. The instructor was wonderful, she was knowledgeable, and professional but relaxed in her presentation. She managed to get everyone engaged and participating. It was truly a wonderful experience.

-James Brewin (18:48 11/02/21)

The entire process from my initial call for pricing, scheduling, and the execution of four sessions was fantastic! We highly recommend!

-smittyjones13 (18:38 10/29/21)

Our instructor was excellent. She covered all bases, administering cpr in a covid world, auto accidents, someone dropping in front of you, walking into a room and finding someone on floor. She covered proper hand placement, rescue breathing, obstructed airway and AED. Thank you to our instructor on 10/21/2021.

-Nereida McCulley-Breustedt (14:55 10/22/21)

The trainer was excellent! My staff really felt like they were provided important information in an engaging way which can be a hard combination to provide in a health and safety presentation. We would definitely have them train our teachers/staff again.

-Maggie Chiles (12:49 10/08/21)

Another excellent training by Cardiac Care & Safety. Material was delivered in an easy to understand yet professional way. We had a mix of associates taking re-certification and initial certification training. Feedback was very positive. Melody provided examples and relevant stories on materials covered and demonstrated. Thank you Al, MSA Safety - Neutronics

-Al Lutz (19:08 10/07/21)

Miska was very helpful in setting up our training including answering questions and following up. Nancy Bower was a fantastic CPR/AED trainer. She was knowledgeable with a great manner. She came on time and prepared and stayed to answer questions at the end. My staff feels totally confident and ready to help in an emergency.

-Jeanne Cove (14:08 10/05/21)

Our CPR training this weekend was both informative and enjoyable. Jim was easy to understand and very helpful. We will use this company again, for sure!

-Alice Lorna Moore Petersen (13:29 09/13/21)

Our instructor was excellent. She adjusted the class for the attendees, instructed with stories and took time for questions. It was a very beneficial class and I would recommend it to anyone working with children.

-jodi reese (21:04 08/25/21)

We received First Aid and CPR training from Cardiac Care & Safety. From the start scheduling with Jim was super easy. Our instructor, Melody was awesome! She was very thorough and used real life examples. She also made sure to answer any questions that we had. I highly recommend Cardiac Care!

-Jillian Oliver (19:59 08/06/21)

Jim was excellent to schedule with. The instructor was great, upbeat, and kept our participants engaged. Definitely will be using them in the future!

-Megan Prusienski (18:27 06/25/21)

Mellody gave our dental office a refresher course in CPR yesterday , it was done in a professional, fun manner. We are very happy with Jim & his team. We will be using them in the future.

-Diane Murkli (12:43 05/20/21)

Cardiac Care & Safety did an outstanding job recertifying our teachers in CPR and First Aid! The owner, Jim, is great to work with; we found him much more responsive and reasonable than the American Red Cross. And Bryce, the instructor, was just excellent. He presented clearly and concisely and moved the class along at a good pace. The teachers all commented that he taught them things that they never knew! We will definitely use Cardia Care & Safety again when it's time to recertify our teachers.

-Laura Maron (15:03 05/06/21)

We used Cardiac Care for our Oral Surgery practice and could not be happier. Our instructor, Melody, was great and made the training fun. I highly recommend Cardiac Care!

-Emily Fried (02:30 04/30/21)

Normally we do our first aid/CPR training in-house, but I felt it was a topic both important enough and (fortunately) not practiced enough that it needed real focus, away from a work setting. Cardiac Care came with excellent reviews to fill this void and they did not disappoint.I've never had an employee tell me that they liked the first aid/CPR training and simply saw it as a necessary evil to be completed. But that was not the case here. After the class, many attendees approached to thank the instructor and praise the class, particularly for its real life interaction and stories as opposed to "just a bunch of videos".The class had personality - and it made a difference.

-David Nelson (11:41 04/21/21)

Our periodontal practice has been using Cardiac Care & Safety for years. Regardless of which instructor, they've all been thorough in review and updates, and with good humor!

-Gayle Brooks (21:21 03/16/21)

Bryce was awesome!! I imagine teaching a CPR/First-Aid course via Zoom isn’t ideal but I learned everything I needed to and enjoyed our session along the way. Thanks so much, Bryce!

-Lexi Krezdorn (21:56 02/27/21)

Always a good time renewing our CPR. Jim is entertaining, easy going while teaching life saving measures. Makes it sound so easy...

-W. Michael Tuman (16:06 02/27/21)

I've used Jim and Cardiac Care as a vendor for several years. They provide great training services that are practical and engaging. From a logistics perspective, they are easy to work with and are flexible when needed. If you're looking for someone in this space, go with Cardiac Care & Safety.

-Nathan Bailey (14:16 02/15/21)

Jim came to our office for our staff CPR training. He did a fabulous job as he was very educational and kept our group engaged. He answered all questions to entirety and ensured everyone felt confident with their training. Thank you so much, Jim! CPR training training turned out to be a fun Friday afternoon.

-Ken Cirka (13:01 02/11/21)

West Bradford Township has been using Cardiac Care & Safety for our bi-annual CPR, First Aid & AED certification and re-certification training since 2016 and they never disappoint. Every instructor we have had, has been absolutely amazing! Not only are they knowledgeable, but their methods of training keep you involved and not bored! They definitely go above and beyond, in my opinion, to keep everyone captive and actually enjoying the training. When scheduling, they are always prompt to respond and very accommodating to our scheduling needs, which are very specific in dates and times. Cost and time needed for the training is very reasonable. I highly recommend Cardia Care & Safety to anyone in need of such services.

-Karen Balog (14:36 01/12/21)

I recently had to make VERY short notice arrangements for CPR/AED/Basic First Training for a group of 55 employees because the previously scheduled trainer...

-Madeline B. (09:43 01/28/20)

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Cardiac Care & Saftey, Inc. Jim did an amazing job keeping everything understandable and interesting. To be honest, this was the first time I was actually interested in a CPR and First Aid class.

-Jamie Zanzano (13:55 01/15/20)

Thank you for providing the Montessori School with such an informative CPR and AED training. I just wanted to let you know that our trainer Bryce was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, was able to answer all of our questions (even the hypothetical ones) and explained everything perfectly. We will gladly recommend your company (especially Bryce) to any and all that need it!

-Manj Delran (19:41 11/22/19)

Wow, what a great experience we had with Cardiac Care! From beginning to end, we had such a positive experience. Scheduling was easy and Melody our trainer was such a delight. She was very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and informative and had great real life stories to add in which made for an excellent class. Some of my employees that have been going to CPR classes even raved about Melody and stated she was by far one of the best instructors they ever had. Looking forward to working with Cardiac Care in the future. Thank you!

-Lora Bonhage (02:48 10/18/19)

Both of the trainers we had were excellent. They arrived on time and were ready to go at the time we had agreed upon. However, my group was not. Both...

-Jason T. (15:28 09/18/19)

I work for a company that is constantly growing. We now have over 150+ employees. Two years ago we had a man go into cardiac arrest on the factory floor....

-Justin B. (06:12 06/11/19)

The Cardiac Care and Safety coursework that I recently took was excellent. The information was comprehensive, clear, and informative. The presenter, Colton, made the session a tremendous experience! His humorous, engaging style made the time fly. He skillfully ascertained the prior knowledge participants brought to class and made sure each person was comfortable with and understood the material in a positive climate. Looking forward to recertification!

-Skits Soroko (19:44 01/20/18)

I would recommend this to anyone looking to be certified in CPR, AED and First Aid. This was my 3rd training and it was so much more engaging and fun than my other sessions. Being fun will help me and the staff retain the knowledge. It was interactive. It was informative and it was practical. We will definitely contact Cardiac Care & Safety again for recert.

-Heather Seasholtz (16:11 12/20/17)

I would highly recommend Cardiac Care to anyone needing CPR instruction!! We have used their services at my job 3 times now. I work in a dental office and we need to maintain a valid CPR card. Both Jim & Colton have been very informative with the most current protocol of CPR and are able to demonstrate in a way that makes a serious subject enjoyable. I have been a dental assistant for 20+ years now and Cardiac Care is by far the best training I have received!! Keep up the good work.

-Sherry Quinn Alloway (13:03 09/20/17)

We love training with Jim Spaulding! He is an incredible trainer. He keeps you entertained while enriching your skills. He is very clear and concise and answers questions with patience. We highly recommend him.

-Rotzal Lin (16:53 01/19/17)

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