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Jim Spaulding and his staff made it so easy to register and schedule a training. They were able to schedule us right away which helped us to be in compliance with DHS. They were very helpful in getting everyone into the system. The ladies that took the training said it was great! We will be using them again when it’s time for the rest of the staff to renew their certification.
~Amy M. (June 2022)

Fast and courtesy help with meeting our child CPR/First Aid training requirements. Great program!!
~Meadville Coop Preschool (June 2022)

My daycare needed to take a pediatric FA/CPR class which was pretty impossible to find in our area. Jim Spaulding reached out and set this class up for us, it was stress-free for us! These instructors are wonderful, and the blended learning was great! Jim Spaulding took our in-person instruction time and he was fantastic! My only request would be to make the online portion phone friendly. Thank you! I will definitely be using this program each year to renew our certification.
~Michelle C. (May 2022)

Quick and easy process to get my staff trained! Thanks Cardiac Care! Highly recommended!
~Holly G. (April 2022)

It turned out to be a great learning experience completing this course. At first I did feel a little overwhelmed when reveiwing the material I needed to read but I decided to watch the video/audio presentation first! From there everything made more sense. The inperson session was even better allowing us an opportunity to ask questions.
~Pauline E. (April 2022)

I would recommend Cardiac Care and Safety to any organization that requires top notch safety training. Jim and his staff are also accessible, well organized and very accommodating. He definitely will be handling our training in the future.
~Sherman R. (April 2022)

What a great experience for my students! The presenter was informative but fun. They had a great time learning CPR!
~Jenn J. (March 2022)

We used Cardiac Care to train our 40 man crew CPR/AED/First Aid and they were amazing from first email to end of class. The office team was very quick to respond. Our instructor, Bryce, was a great teacher and managed to have every one of our team members engaged throughout the whole process. We highly recommend Cardiac Care & Safety to all.
~Caleb B. (March 2022)

Jim Spaulding and his crew are amazing. He was able to accommodate our multiple locations, multiple days and many employees to get us certified. The instructors keep it fun, lively and entertaining. Have been working with Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc for many years and will always return to them.
~Winona W. (March 2022)

We are so glad that we were able to get the management team together for a CPR/AED refresher course. Having Jim out to remind us of the the proper protocols going into our busy season is key. You learn something new everytime you have a seminar with Jim and the reminders are key as well.
~Jackie C. (March 2022)

We have used Cardiac Care & Safety with Jim for over 20 years. Jim’s refresher course is always informative and up to date. Another great course by Jim. See you in 2 years.
~Josie M. (March 2022)

Jim has trained our staff many times over the past 15 years. He does a fantastic job relating all material to our industry.
~Trish A. (March 2022)

The instructor came out to certify our township employees and she was excellent at making the information relatable and applicable. The instructor was engaging and the employees learned a lot, highly recommend!
~Megan P. (March 2022)

Excellent and skilled trainers who thoroughly breakdown all CPR components and life saving proceedures. Very friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable team!
~Brittany C. (February 2022)

Cardiac Care came to our warehouse and did an in person refresher for our team on a Saturday. They were professional and able to fit us in on a short time frame to allow us to continue with our work.
~Tawny K. (February 2022)

Speaker was knowledgeable and very entertaining! Would highly recommend.
~Materials Sciences, LLC (January 2022)

I just wanted to say Thank you for the training Saturday. It was exactly what we were looking for. The instructor was wonderful, she was knowledgeable, and professional but relaxed in her presentation. She managed to get everyone engaged and participating. It was truly a wonderful experience.

-James B. (November 2021)

The trainer was excellent! My staff really felt like they were provided important information in an engaging way which can be a hard combination to provide in a health and safety presentation. We would definitely have them train our teachers/staff again.

-Maggie C. (October 2021)

Our CPR training this weekend was both informative and enjoyable. Jim was easy to understand and very helpful. We will use this company again, for sure!

-Alice P. (September 2021)

We received First Aid and CPR training from Cardiac Care & Safety. From the start scheduling with Jim was super easy. Our instructor, Melody was awesome! She was very thorough and used real-life examples. She also made sure to answer any questions that we had. I highly recommend Cardiac Care!

-Jullian O. (August 2021)

Thank you Melody for coming to Piskai Orthodontics for another informational and yes, fun CPR course! We appreciate your time and knowledge. Jim and all of his staff are amazing, dependable, and well organized!

-Amy W. (July 2021)

Cardiac Care & Safety did an outstanding job recertifying our teachers in CPR and First Aid! The owner, Jim, is great to work with; we found him much more responsive and reasonable than the American Red Cross. And Bryce, the instructor, was just excellent. He presented clearly and concisely and moved the class along at a good pace. The teachers all commented that he taught them things that they never knew! We will definitely use Cardia Care & Safety again when it’s time to recertify our teachers.

-Laura M. (May 2021)

Normally we do our first aid/CPR training in-house, but I felt it was a topic both important enough and (fortunately) not practiced enough that it needed real focus, away from a work setting. Cardiac Care came with excellent reviews to fill this void and they did not disappoint.

I’ve never had an employee tell me that they liked the first aid/CPR training and simply saw it as a necessary evil to be completed. But that was not the case here. After the class, many attendees approached to thank the instructor and praise the class, particularly for its real-life interaction and stories as opposed to “just a bunch of videos”.

The class had personality – and it made a difference.

-David N. (April 2021)

I’ve used Jim and Cardiac Care as a vendor for several years. They provide great training services that are practical and engaging. From a logistics perspective, they are easy to work with and are flexible when needed. If you’re looking for someone in this space, go with Cardiac Care & Safety.

-Nathan B. (February 2021)

West Bradford Township has been using Cardiac Care & Safety for our bi-annual CPR, First Aid & AED certification and re-certification training since 2016 and they never disappoint. Every instructor we have had has been absolutely amazing! Not only are they knowledgeable, but their methods of training keep you involved and not bored! They definitely go above and beyond, in my opinion, to keep everyone captive and actually enjoying the training. When scheduling, they are always prompt to respond and very accommodating to our scheduling needs, which are very specific in dates and times. Cost and time needed for the training is very reasonable. I highly recommend Cardiac Care & Safety to anyone in need of such services.

-Karen B. (January 2021)

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. Jim did an amazing job keeping everything understandable and interesting. To be honest, this was the first time I was actually interested in a CPR and First Aid class.

-Jamie Z. (January 2021)

Our environmental non-profit organization has been using Cardiac Care & Safety for First Aid and CPR training for years. We value Jim Spaulding’s training technique, relaxed communication style, and up-beat attitude.

I’m confident that our staff are learning and engaged throughout the course, and the familiarity we’ve built with Jim over the years encourages active participation from our staff. It really helps to have someone you trust teaching you these critical skills. Of the many First Aid and CPR trainers I’ve had in the past from other training organizations, Jim and his staff are the best!

-Scott E. at Stroud Water Research Center (August 2020)

I recently had to make VERY short notice arrangements for CPR/AED/Basic First Training for a group of 55 employees because the previously scheduled trainer cancelled last minute. I starting contacting vendors online in search of a “replacement” but was quickly told – No, not enough time or that’s too soon for us to prepare, get trainers, etc.

Then I thankfully came upon Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. and Jim Spaulding!! Jim responded to my request immediately and assured me he would “do whatever it takes to make this work!” And that’s exactly what he did. The training took place as scheduled! Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. and trainers were prompt, courteous and extremely professional. The trainers were clear and concise, responded to all questions with well-informed responses, overall, they were excellent!

I would highly recommend Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc.!!!

-Madeline B. (January 2020)

Loved Jim and his teaching style! It was fun, entertaining and definitely informative. I also think it was a good learning and team building.

-Kate Hoy (January 2020)

Great job today making such serious subjects so understandable, and most importantly, memorable.

-Ken Buck (January 2020)

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. Jim did an amazing job keeping everything understandable and interesting. To be honest, this was the first time I was actually interested in a CPR and First Aid class.

-Jamie Zanzano (January 2020)

Val was our instructor and she was GREAT! Very knowledgeable and direct in her delivery of the information but also soft spoken and easy to listen to. She was conscious of time but didn’t skip over anything which we appreciated.

We have been working with Cardiac Care for years and they continue to exceed our expectations. Communication is always wonderful and clear. The instructors are knowledgeable and keep you engaged.

-The Malvern School (November 2019)

Thank you for providing the Montessori School with such an informative CPR and AED training. I just wanted to let you know that our trainer Bryce was excellent. He was very knowledgeable, was able to answer all of our questions (even the hypothetical ones) and explained everything perfectly. We will gladly recommend your company (especially Bryce) to any and all that need it!

-D.b. M. (November 2019)

Wow, what a great experience we had with Cardiac Care! From beginning to end, we had such a positive experience. Scheduling was easy and Melody our trainer was such a delight. She was very thorough, extremely knowledgeable and informative and had great real life stories to add in which made for an excellent class. Some of my employees that have been going to CPR classes even raved about Melody and stated she was by far one of the best instructors they ever had. Looking forward to working with Cardiac Care in the future. Thank you!

-Lora B. (October 2019)

Both of the trainers we had were excellent. They arrived on time and were ready to go at the time we had agreed upon. However, my group was not. Both trainers took it in stride and waited until we were ready. Once we started, they were able to get the needed information to us while keeping the attention of my staff. This is not an easy task. Over the course of two days, a dozen people were trained. Jim was very helpful and very quick to answer my emails. We were able to set the training in a few emails. We will be training more people and I will be calling on Mike and his staff again.

-Jason T. (September 2019)

I have been taking CPR classes since the 1980s. This was, by far, the most enjoyable CPR course I have ever had.

-Adena G. (September 2019)

I work for a company that is constantly growing. We now have over 150+ employees. Two years ago we had a man go into cardiac arrest on the factory floor. After that we went to work on getting a safety program together. I had reached out to a lot of different companies not knowing exactly what I was looking for.

I ended up getting in contact with Jim the president of Cardiac Care. He was awesome and helped guide me through what we needed. We had him on site to train 6 people 2 years ago. We also got the AED off him once we completed the program. The certifications just expired and due to the great experience we had the first time we again booked an on-site safety training course. This time I threw him a curve ball. We needed double the amount of people trained. This was no issue! We had a 3 hour on site training course. This covers everything to ensure that the work place remains safe. There are videos, live instruction and each member gets to practice.

I highly recommend this company for all your on site safety training. It’s a huge benefit to have them come out to the site. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to most places I looked at. However, I don’t think that should be a selling point here. This is an extremely important service they are providing and workers safety shouldn’t have a price tag. Book them today and get your people ready to act in any type of emergency situation!

-Justin B. (June 2019)

My Staff really enjoyed having a CPR and AED class! Melody is a great instructor. Our Nurses who have had many of these classes stated that this was the best one they ever had. Melody used stories in her learning which really helped us learn. Most definitely we will have Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc come back! Thank you so much for making it fun while learning life saving skills!

-The North Care Staff (June 2019)

Jim from Cardiac care exceeded our expectations for the CPR training at our company! He trained our crew of 33 field technicians in one session. He was energetic, clear, and informative, and he was fun to listen to so we all really enjoyed it! I HIGHLY recommend him and his company.

-Brent B. (May 2019)

Circle of Friends Adult Health Care Center has been working with Cardiac Care & Safety for many years. CPR/First Aid courses with this companies trainers are always fabulous! Our last CPR training with Melody Steiger went very well like usually. Melody discussed “real world” situations with our employees. Melody demonstrated what to do, then each trainee in the course had hands-on practice of what we learned. She not only taught how to do each CPR step, she explained why we have to do each procedure. We left her course remembering what to do, how to help our clients and feeling very confident that we could perform all necessary steps in an emergency. We appreciate you Melody, you’re the best! Thanks Jim!

-Galina N. (April 2019)

Cardiac Care & Safety was able to get someone to our preschool for a CPR/First Aid training so quickly, and not only that, but Melody was awesome! She was so informative, easy to listen to, funny, and we all learned so much from her. I really appreciated how easy they made this process and I thought the class was great. I will definitely be using them again for future trainings!

-Ashley O. (March 2019)

Jim has done our CPR classes for years and we couldn’t be happier. Because of his training, two staff members have had the occasion to use the Heimlich maneuver to help two children who were choking, in situations outside of the office. His training style is informative, easy to remember, and he makes it a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommend this company for all your CPR and AED needs – it’s the kind of thing you hope to never have to use but it’s amazing that when a situation arises the instructions given are easily remembered – really helpful in stressful circumstances!!!

-Tom B. (March 2019)

Cardiac Care & Safety was able to get someone to our preschool for a CPR/First Aid training so quickly, and not only that, but Melody was awesome! She was so informative, easy to listen to, funny, and we all learned so much from her. I really appreciated how easy they made this process and I thought the class was great. I will definitely be using them again for future trainings!

-Ashley O. (February 2019)

The best CPR class I’ve ever taken. The class was quick and to the point with many jokes to make the class less painful. I will only take this course. Highly recommend!!!

-Andrea W. (February 2019)

We’ve been using Jim Spaulding for all of our CPR needs for years and we couldn’t be happier. His combined knowledge of CPR and Emergency medicine has been a huge asset for teaching our staff how to respond in emergency situations. With his sense of humor and superior experience we wouldn’t use anyone else! Who knew learning CPR and more could be so fun?

-Francis Matarazzo, DDS and Anita M Milici, DMD (May 2018)

This was the second time we choose Cardiac Care & Safety Inc. for our office’s CPR recertification, and we were never disappointed. Val was our instructor this time and she was great!! She was pleasant, professional and knowledgeable. The course flowed smoothly and she answered all questions thrown at her clearly and patiently (we had a group of 15 people throwing questions at her). Everyone at the office was pleased, thank you guys!!

-Ameir E. (March 2018)

My staff loves cardiac care! They have done our annual training for many years. The sessions are interactive and engaging. I’ve always received great feedback from the staff. I’d highly recommend!

-Margaret M. (March 2018)

The Barber National Institute of Philadelphia has been working with Cardiac Care & Safety for the last 5 years. The classes and all the instructors have all been top quality. Our staff has always complemented the trainings and we hope to continue doing business with Jim and his talented team. Thank you Cardiac Care and your team.

-Bonnie M. (June 2017)

We’ve used Jim Spaulding and Cardiac Care & Safety for CPR certification and Emergency Medicine training for many years. Jim is a fabulous teacher who does a great job preparing us for something we hope never occurs but gives us the confidence to deal with, should we ever face it. Can’t say enough about the great job he has done for us.

-Steve G. (June 2017)

Very professional throughout the process. Quick replies to questions before purchasing. The in office training seminar went very well. Everyone enjoyed the time spent learning how to use the AED. Jim’s presentation was very clear and winsome!

-Mark S. (May 2017)

I’ve taken quite a few CPR classes throughout my life, and this was by far the best one i’ve been a part of. They made something that I usually dread exciting again. The instructors were very enthusiastic and I look forward to continuing to learn with them.

-Scott G. (March 2017)

Colton was perfect! The energy he brought was perfect. We will 100% use you for every center we have moving forward. Thank you!

-Mike M. (February 2017)

We love training with Jim Spaulding! He is an incredible trainer. He keeps you entertained while enriching your skills. He is very clear and concise and answers questions with patience. We highly recommend him.

-Darocha R. (January 2017)

This was our first time using Cardiac Care & Safety. They responded to our inquiry almost immediately and had us schedule very quickly! The presentation and delivery of content was engaging and fun, the team actually seemed to have a great time with CPR training! Keith was very knowledgeable, sharing his first hand experiences helped keep our interest and made the overall experience more valuable than our past CPR courses. We will definitely be using them again in the future!

-Sharon S. (August 2016)

Our team has used Cardiac Care now twice for our team’s first aid and CPR training. It is always engaging and fun and our team has enjoyed two different trainers – each was knowledgeable and skilled, yet fun and engaging. Jim was always responsive to our inquiries and scheduling needs. Will definitely use them again!

-Laura C. (July 2016)

If you need a CPR training course this is the one to take. Jim is the best around. Our Dental office has been using him since we were required to be certified in CPR. He makes taking the class fun and we always learn something new. Jim also on the opposite year gives us a course on Medical Emergencies and makes sure all of our equipment, (emergency kit, oxygen ect…) are up to date. Chestnut Hill Dental Loves Jim Spaulding and Cardiac Care & Safety!!

-Martha D. (June 2016)

Today I had my second CPR/AED training with Jim. I would highly recommend Cardiac Care Inc. For all of your training requirements. Jim is so friendly, professional, & knowledgeable. He makes training fun & informative. Thank you Jim!

-Chelsea P.

We have been using Cardiac Care & Safety for CPR/AED and First Aid training for a number of years now at our school. Our faculty feedback has been excellent regarding the training that Jim provides. Many have stated that they felt confident after the training. After our most recent training which started at 7AM in a frigid training room, many responded that Jim’s sense of humor and easy to understand instruction made coming in an hour early well worth it.

As a nurse for over 30 years I have taken many CPR courses and I can say with confidence that Jim is the best!

–Thea Maurer, School Nurse, Academy in Manayunk (AIM)

As a yoga teacher, classroom teacher, and former lifeguard, I have attended numerous CPR and First Aid trainings over the years, but the one provided by Jim Spaulding from Cardiac Care & Safety was by far the best. Jim’s direct communication style and demonstrations made the material easy to not only understand, but also remember. I feel more confident than ever to administer First Aid and CPR and utilize an AED, should the situation arise, as a result of Jim’s training.

–Katey F., took the course with Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc.

Cardiac Care and Safety Inc. has been our CPR/First Aid/AED provider for over 10 years. They are a great company to work with and their instructors are experienced, friendly and fun. Jim and Nick are also great to work with and have been so helpful and flexible with scheduling of CPR with my training calendar. I highly recommend them!

–Joanna Vasquez, Director of Human Resources at Children’s Crisis Treatment Center

Best CPR training around! If you need CPR training Jim Spaulding at Cardiac Care is who you NEED TO CALL. Jim has been working with our office for the past 10 years and we would never consider calling anyone else. He makes our recertification easy, painless and fun. But, most of all, we know that we are getting the most up to date training on life saving techniques. Thanks and can’t wait to see you again in 2 years.

-Dr. Wollock, Dentistry at Suburban Square in Ardmore, PA

Jim, Thanks for another great training today. Its always great to have a refresher and get up to date on the current CPR recommendations. Its always comforting to know if I ever need to use CPR that I received the best instruction around.

-Joe G.

Jim has been training us at our dentist office for years. He does a great job!

-Pat M.