Medical AssistanceIn addition to our training and products, we offer the following services to help keep your workplace as safe as can be.

AED Service Plans

Maintenance and testing are vital components to keep your AED ready for emergency. With our AED Service Plans, you can rest assured that your equipment is always in top working order and will pass any inspection.

AED Placement Assistance

There’s more to placing an AED then simply selecting a spot. It requires professional assistance to choose the best accessible position, notify the proper authorities of its placement, and to make sure that the persons responsible for using the AED are properly trained. Learn more about our products or purchase an AED for your home.

Safety Equipment Audits

Audits are necessary to identify potential hazards before they become emergencies. We’ll ensure your safety equipment is properly stored, maintained, and has the appropriate signage.

Medical Emergency Mock Drills

The best way to ensure you’re prepared for a medical emergency is with practice. Our mock drills mimic real life situations, allowing you to see how your team responds and identify areas for improvement.

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