Jim Spaulding shakes hands with hero and Bucks Physical Therapist.Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. is a Philadelphia CPR first aid company specializing in safety training and under the ownership of Jim Spaulding since 1998.

With almost 25 years of experience training laypeople and healthcare providers in almost every industry, CCS has developed a system of teaching life saving skills in a way that empowers rescuers to respond confidently.

Far too many safety training classes are taught in a way that overwhelms and intimidates. Our goal for every student in every class is to make sure they walk out saying, “Yeah, I could do that,” rather than feel frazzled and say “I would never do that!”

Over the last two decades, CCS has steadily grown to serve over 1,000 businesses in PA, NJ, DE, MD and VA. Some of our clients include The Salvation Army, The University of Pennsylvania, The Goddard Schools, Tastykake, Marshalls and more.

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