training classOften as we enter a customer’s office we are greeted with a story of how a skill we taught them was put into practice to save a life.

This is what happened when one of our instructors showed up to Dr. Cyril Evian’s office to provide CPR training recently. Dr. Evian relayed that just a couple of weeks prior he walked into a local restaurant for lunch. Right away he recognized that a patron was having difficulty breathing and in fact was beginning to turn blue. Another gentleman was attempting to help but Dr. Evian could clearly see that what was being tried was not working. Dr. Evian coolly stepped forward and said he could help. Establishing that the victim was indeed choking, Dr. Evian performed a couple of abdominal thrusts and out came a piece of poorly chewed meat. The man began to breathe normally again and Dr. Evian walked out of the restaurant with the satisfaction that he had just saved a life!

“I was amazed at how calmly I acted and without hesitation,” Dr. Evian said. “I was clearly trained well,” he added with a smile.

Dr. Cyril I. Evian DMD is a world-renowned Periodontist, Implant and TM Joint specialist. His illustrious career began in 1971 with a goal to enhance his education with the brightest minds in dentistry to become the finest periodontist in his field. He remains an influential teacher who strives to improve the health and welfare of patients.

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