The importance of early CPR and an on-site AED can be the difference between life and death in an emergency. Recently, both emergency training tactics were used in Pineville, North Carolina to save a man’s life.

Emergency Preparedness Saves a Life

On February 12th, a North Carolina hockey player, Jib Street, collapsed on the ice during a game due to a heart attack. Fortunately, one of the players, Dr. Craig Bryant, was medically trained to handle emergency situations like this. Once it was clear Street was unconscious, CPR and an AED became imperative.

Video surveillance shows Street’s collapse and the team’s fast response to the incident. Team members called 911 as Bryant performed chest compressions to keep oxygen flowing to Street’s organs while waiting for the paramedics. After no sign of a pulse, Bryant used the on-site AED to shock Street’s heart. Street did not regain a pulse for about 5 minutes, although luckily medical responders arrived shortly after.

Without the tremendous support from Street’s teammates and the medical care provided by Bryant, Street may not have made a full recovery. Read the full story here.

Cardiac Care & Safety, Inc. Can Prepare You for Emergencies

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