This year, we celebrated a 20 year anniversary with one of our very loyal clients, King of Prussia Dental Associates. A couple of the team members at our most recent training were also present at the very first. At Cardiac Care & Safety, we are so thankful for lifetime clients like these.

Over the years, we’ve helped all of the dental professionals in the office maintain the necessary certifications and knowledge to keep their patients safe. However, sometimes these skills also come in handy outside of the office. The two employees pictured in the gallery actually used their CPR knowledge to save loved ones over the past year. Our trainers hear these stories all the time, and we are elated every time!

Trainings are completed on-site at the office at a flexible time so we never take away from time with patients. Our programs and products specific to the dental industry include:

  • CPR Training in Office for Whole Staff
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness Training for CE credits
  • OSHA BBP Training for CE credits
  • Emergency Drug Kit w/ Training
  • Emergency O2 w/ Training

For more information on CPR training for a dental office, visit our training page.

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